Tennessee Whiskey Coffee 100% Arabica Beans SAMPLE ground


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Our NEW coffee begins with a blend of 100% Arabica beans from Costa Rica, Brazil and Sumatra.

The beans are aged in a recently used Jack Daniel’s white oak maturation barrel.  The toasted and charred barrel provides the flavors of their Tennessee Whiskey including notes of vanilla and caramel. 

Roasted in small batches to maintain quality and flavor to give you a medium roast coffee with a full bodied flavor.

While our coffee contains NO alcohol, the intoxicating aroma and flavor of our Tennessee Whiskey Coffee will have you pouring another round. 

* This is different from our original Cave coffee which was made from a single origin bean….Sumatra.  We have found that the custom blend of 100% Arabica beans we have chosen pairs better with the barrel whiskey.  

We are certain you will love this coffee.  Money back guarantee.

One 8- 10 cup pot sample bag ground.