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Shotwell Old Fashioned Cocktail Soft Handcrafted Caramels

Our play on the classic "Old Fashioned" cocktail.  Buttery soft caramel infused with aromatic bitters, barrel-aged bourbon, and orange extract. 

  • FRESH, NATURAL INGREDIENTS – We use real butter, fresh heavy cream, pure vanilla and sea salt to craft our creamy caramel candy. No artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, or fat fillers. Just melt-in-your-mouth soft caramels.
  • COOKED IN SMALL BATCHES – Making gourmet caramel candy requires precise control over cooking temperatures, especially when using fresh ingredients. Because every batch of salted caramels is cooked in a small copper pot over an open flame, we’re able to control the flavor development and texture until they reach the perfect level.
  • CARAMELS THAT WON’T STICK TO YOUR TEETH – Shotwell Candy’s salted caramel bites are known for their soft texture that will not stick to your teeth. Unlike mass-produced chewy caramels filled with stabilizers and other fillers so that they can run through large machines, Shotwell Candy’s hand-crafted caramels remain creamy and melt-in-your-mouth soft.
  • 10 individually wrapped pieces per bag.


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